Welcome to LIFEgroups!

LIFEgroups here at PEACE Church are all about building community in our Church and in our Community. We were never meant to go through life, especially the Christian life alone. We need to be in community together, learn from each other, study God’s Word together, hold each other accountable, and grow together. LIFEgroups at PEACE Church are designed to do just that, provide a safe place to learn, love, live, and grow together.

Our LIFEgroups meet in homes throughout our community. We fellowship together; share meals together, study and reflect on God’s Word together, and provide a system of support and accountability for one another. Each group consists of about twelve people that learn to grow in Christ as a community. There are groups that are made of old, young, single, married, and everything in between. You are invited to join a group that meets on a night that is convenient to you or perhaps in your very own neighborhood.The reality of PEACE Church is that we are a healthy and growing community of believers. As we grow it is critical that we connect within LIFEgroups to maintain vital relationships that build us up and never tear us down. It is in these LIFEgroups that we learn what it means to be THE CHURCH for ourselves and for the world.

How do I get into a Group?

The best way to get into a group is to LEAD one! Invite your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Groups that have a built-in affinity with each other are groups that are most likely to thrive.  You also contact Serena Wolfe for information on current LIFEgroups. We want you to get connected to a group that meets your needs as to when they meet, where they meet, and who the groups is formed to serve. Remember, friend or stranger, we are BETTER TOGETHER!

For More Information or to Get Connected:

Want to sign up for a LIFEgroup? Fill out our online information form and we’ll get back to you with a listing of LIFEgropus that might meet your schedule and spiritual needs.

Visit our Connect Center before or after any service at PEACE Church or contact our Adult Discipleship Coordinator Serena Wolfe.