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Requests for weddings should be made through the Church Office, 614-837-3732 or through the Wedding Request Form below. Wedding dates are confirmed after the office staff confirms that a pastor and the facility is available.


Everyone desiring to be married at PEACE Church will be required to attend no less than 2 pre-marital counseling sessions with the pastor. It is also preferred that, if you do not attend church anywhere that you will attend PEACE Church at least 3 times for worship prior to your wedding.


A more complete description of wedding expenses and details at PEACE Church can be found in the  document.

Peace Church wants to be sure that you have every opportunity to plan your wedding based upon what is required and permitted. A Wedding Coordinator will be responsible for addressing the administrative and logistical details associated with your wedding. Once the office verifies that the Pastor and church calendar can accommodate your wedding date and time, the Wedding Coordinator will schedule an appointment to meet with you to discuss your wedding details.

A refundable security deposit of $100 is required to reserve the wedding date. A complete list of expenses is included in the PEACE Wedding Guidelines.

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