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Today’s students struggle with mental health and a sense of belonging. We feel our responsibility is to make sure every teenager a part of Peace Church knows they are cared for and accepted. Sunday morning is our primary point of in-person connection. We have two main ways of connecting students on a Sunday morning

  • Different serve teams of students in small groups, learning real-life skills and building connections with teammates and members of the congregation
  • The Sunday morning student section – because we see the value in students worshiping alongside their peers and being included in the rest of the congregation.

Outside of Sunday morning, students will receive a weekly check-in message from an adult leader. Once per month, we will have lunch after church, where all the students can gather to build relationships and have spiritual conversations.

To get started, email Christina Albrecht at ChristinaA@peaceumc.org.


real and genuine connections built on trust over time that give an atmosphere that is open to anyone and can be honest with one another.

Helping students to come to know Christ, find their identity in him, and provide nourishment for growth of their own personal relationship with Him

To be outward focused in the mission “to make disciples of all nations;” becoming contributors to the work instead of consumers for ourselves.

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