Young Adults

At Peace, we understand the transition for young adults can be a difficult one. Finding where you fit in and can seek growth through Christ in churches today isn’t always easy. You might be out of high school and ready to move on from youth group, you may be in college but not feel plugged in with young families or older church members, maybe you just got out of college and are looking for people your age going through the same challenges you face. We are beginning to roll out a place where young people can come together to seek grace, growth and community.We have LIFEgroups geared for young adults.  These groups get together weekly for time of fellowship, spiritual discussion, community, and accountability. Groups do a wide range of activities from curriculum studies, out reach and service projects, and fun activities such as bowling nights, movie nights, group meals, and more.

These LIFEgroups are amazing resources that can help grow and transform our young adults into mature adults and fully submitted followers and servants of Christ. Contact Serena Wolfe Email:, if you are interested in either group.

We are also hope to grow our young adult program to reach out to the many young adults in our own and neighboring communities that are seeking a place of compassion, acceptance, fulfillment. We have hopes for our own Young Adult worship service, Sunday School, as well as monthly outreach and fun group building activities. To make sure we are reaching out and serving the best we can, we need your help! We are always looking for new leaders and ministry ideas. If you have any callings to serve, lead or just want to help build our program, contact Serena Wolfe Email: