Special Needs Children

We believe that people with disabilities are amazing gifts of God.

We believe that the church is responsible to teach, love, care, cherish, and minister to this special group of people.

It is a privilege and a direct call from God to reach out and help those who have special needs b/c we are all called to love God and to love others.

While Jesus was on earth he ministered to children, people with disabilities, and adults.

We are committed to telling our PKZ Special Friends about Jesus, serving them, and empowering them to become vital members of the body of Jesus.

  • Here at Peace Our Special Needs program is called Peace Kids Zone Special Friends and is located in room 5 in the kids wing.
  • We want all kids to know and feel Jesus’ love for them no matter what challenges that they face each day.
  • He is authentic and there for them no matter what they are facing and we want to be there for them as well.
  • Each week parents register their kids at our computer check-in system located in 3 different places throughout the kids wing (first time visitor register and check-in at the front station as you enter the kids wing).