Updated on 4/29/2020

Parent’s Day Out Summer Session will be cancelled for the summer of 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Cindy Kerr at cskerr27@gmail.com or 740-407-1805

This past week, our Peace Church VBS planning team met virtually and decided, after prayerful thought and discussion, to postpone Rocky Railway VBS to 2021 to ensure the safety of our kids and families during this current COVID-19 pandemic and to comply with stay-at-home order in Ohio. For clarity, we will NOT have VBS this summer.
We do, however, hope to have some sort of shorter kids and families gathering in August if we get an all-clear from our state governor to gather in large groups by that time. 
If you have any concerns or thoughts about this, please feel free to email Victoria Burgoon at victoriab@peaceumc.org

Updated on 3/26/2020

As long as the stay-at-home order is in affect we will continue ONLINE worship only as well as the suspension of all official Peace Church gatherings.

Based on the recommendation of our Bishop and our Governor, our Leadership Board has decided, for the care of ourselves and our community, that we will continue online worship only and suspend all Peace Church public gatherings through and including Easter Sunday. We will continue to update you as events unfold.

If you need anything, please call the church office at 614-837-3732.

If you are willing to serve others during this time, text the word “serve” to our church number or leave us a voicemail.

Some ways to continue to stay connected during this time are:

• Doing your daily devotions to stay connected to God.

• Watching our Online Worship and our daily Minute of Peace both available on our PEACE United Methodist Facebook page. (Please don’t forget to share them on your timeline!)

• Making 10 intentional contacts each week to people you know to make sure they are cared for.

• Participating in your Lifegroup through a Zoom Conference call.

• Engaging in online giving through our website: Peaceumc.org. Simply click the give button.

May God bless you and keep you this week! Let’s stay connected!

Updated on 3/13/2020

As a church, we believe Jesus’ greatest command of loving God and loving others is our response to the Coronavirus. Our staff and leadership have been monitoring the day to day updates and we believe our church has the opportunity to make a big difference during this time.

First, we recognize many people are frightened and uncertain with regard to the Coronavirus. News reports, social media and actions by our state and local governments are unprecedented and we are in uncharted territory, which is why it is so important that we respond with faith, hope and love through this time. The Bible reminds us over and over, “Do not be afraid.” This is an acknowledgment that fear is our normal human response to threats, which is why everyone experiences it at some level. However, the Bible also reminds us that God is bigger than our fears and any threats we face, so this is our time as a church to show the world that faith and love are greater than fear.

Second, it is important that we are sensitive and empathetic to each other and those around us. That means we acknowledge and sympathize with the fears and uncertainty people are feeling, but we also resist adding to the fear through our posts and conversations. Our job is to lift each other up and care for one another and be a steady voice of hope and love. We want to ask the question, “how can we help?”, “What difference can we make?”, and “where do you need our help?”.

Third, we want to stand in solidarity with our community and our world. Our governor and state and local leaders are making tough decisions for the good of our community, and they need our support and encouragement especially through this time. In a world filled with such hatred, animosity, polarization, and extremes, this is a time we can come together and work together for the good of everyone.

Fourth, we want to pray for everyone, especially those in leadership, our medical caregivers, those most susceptible to this infection: the elderly and those with compromised health conditions, and for our world neighbors who are greatly suffering in China, Iran, and Italy.

Fifth, we want to think and act in unselfish ways. It’s easy to only think of ourselves during a time like this. However, there are all kinds of opportunities for us to love and take care of others: to share our supplies with others, to help parents whose kids will be home from school and need someone to watch them, to go to the store for the elderly for food or medication, to make sure kids who would normally get meals at school do not go hungry. Church, this is a time for us to think of others as much as we think of ourselves.

Sixth, we want to be responsible. That means that we do not put ourselves or others in harm’s way. We want to implement the precautions outlined by our health officials to prevent the spread of diseases like coughing into our arm, washing our hands thoroughly, using hand
sanitizer, not going out in public if we feel ill, and not gathering in large crowds. In these ways, we actively participate in hindering the spread of the infection.

Seventh, we want to be an example of hope and witness of love so that Jesus Christ gets honored. We have a great opportunity to be the church in the world, a church the world has lost confidence in and a church people don’t respect anymore and now is our time to show what God’s love truly is.

With these things in mind: as a church, we are taking the following steps:

We will be canceling our worship services on March 15th and 22nd at our facility. However, we will offer an online option so that you can worship at home on those weekends. We want you to continue to have ways to grow in your relationship with God so we’re asking that you take time on Sunday morning to pray for what’s happening in our world and also spend some time in family worship. Based on future developments we will let you know if we will extend this out beyond 2 weeks.

We are canceling our preschool program for 3 weeks to stay in line with the school system cancellation.

We are canceling our Helping Hands medical ministry program until further notice.

We are canceling Trash 2 Treasure Drop-Off for March 14th and 22nd.

There will be no music ministry as long as schools are closed. Music ministry includes choir, band, bells, and children’s musical.

We are giving ministry leaders discretion with regards to whether their own groups meet. Lifegroups, Bible studies, fellowship meetings, and music ministries will make their own individual decisions on whether they will meet or not, so contact your group leaders for this information.

We know that any decision we make will not please everyone, however, we are asking for your grace as we navigate these uncharted waters. May we be a solution to the crisis, a witness to Jesus and a neighbor to all those around us. We will keep you updated as this continues to develop. We love you all and let us be the church that our community needs right now. The church is not a building, the church is not a steeple, the church is the people. See you Sunday in your family room!

We will send out additional information about how to access our online worship by Sunday morning. You will be able to link to online worship through the front page of our website peaceumc.org.

In Christ,
Pastor Bill

Updated on 3/11/2020

A message from Pastor Bill regarding the Coronavirus:

Dear Peace Church,
We understand that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has become a worldwide concern and is at the top of everyone’s minds. We plan to continue our weekly services and other programming as scheduled as we monitor recommendations from the CDC, the state of Ohio and the city of Columbus.
Because we are dedicated to offering a clean and safe environment to worship and grow in our faith we are taking the following steps to combat the spread of the infection:

  • our site team has increased sanitizing surfaces that are susceptible to carry the virus (I.e., doorknobs and handles and restrooms)
  • in addition to hand soap in the bathrooms, we have increased our supply of hand sanitizer throughout the church
  • we are encouraging people to greet each other with kind words and a smile
  • we will offer communion through individually wrapped elements

We are encouraging Best Practices for the prevention of spreading germs by:
▪ Avoiding close contact with people who are sick
▪ Staying home if you are not feeling well, have a fever, cough or shortness of breath
▪ Covering your mouth and nose with your forearm when coughing and sneezing
▪ Washing your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap and water

Finally, we ask that you continue to pray for those infected, medical personal, government officials, and most importantly arresting the spread of this infection. Please continue to follow us on Facebook and check our website for further information regarding the future impact on our church. Always know that if you are unable to attend church you can watch us online on Facebook and YouTube. Let us continue to keep our community safe!

Updated on 3/10/2020

In light of heightened concerns regarding the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have an unprecedented favor to ask some of you…please skip church!
We plan to continue our worship services while we monitor the situation closely and follow recommendations from the state of Ohio and the City of Columbus. As always, a Livestream for both services will be available on YouTube and Facebook.
We ask that if you’ve been exposed to a person with the coronavirus or the flu or have recently traveled to a CDC Level 2 or 3 country (China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Hong Kong, or Japan), please take a couple of Sundays off. If you or your family members are experiencing or have recently experienced symptoms associated with the flu or common cold (fever, persistent cough, headache, chills, or unexplained rash), we ask that you take a couple of Sundays off as well.
We are dedicated to offering a clean and safe environment at Peace Church.
– Our facility is cleaned regularly – and our facility staff has increased their sanitizing of surfaces that are susceptible to carry the virus (i.e., doorknobs and handles).
– In addition to hand soap, we have increased our supply of alcohol-based hand sanitizers.
– When you do attend church with us on Sunday, we ask that you do not hug or shake hands.

The news around the Coronavirus is changing rapidly, and we will do our best to keep you informed. So stay tuned!