Truly listening to the heart of an individual is one of the greatest gifts one can give to a person.  PEACE’s Hospital Ministry does just that through direct visitation, prayer, and a compassionate presence.At PEACE the volunteers on call are ready to make visits to hospitals, homes, or convalescent facilities.  These lay people may be specially shaped for this service and feel a calling to care for the sick.  These may be the people who run to the hospital when they hear someone is sick.  People who have been in the hospital or who have had loved ones in the hospital often make the best candidates because they know what patients need during a hospital stay.PEACE starts with the basics during its training session for interested volunteers.   It’s not hard or complex, but fun and exciting!  Hospital visits can be a chance to witness to friends, family and staff members by demonstrating Christ’s compassion in action.  It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and truly allows you to experience Holy Spirit moments!

When you or a family member are scheduled for surgery or hospitalized, and would like a visit, please contact the church office at 614.937.3732 or Pastor Barb at also take a moment to fill out the Hospitalization Form below to let us know if you or a loved one will be at the hospital soon.

Hospitalization Form