One of the 6 spiritual practices we encourage all Christ Followers to incorporate into their lives is the habit of doing a personal devotion each day. This is the one-on-one time you spend with God. Personal Devotion is a combination of Scriptural Reflection and Prayer. Scriptural Reflection is not just reading the Bible but also asking what it is saying to you and how it is challenging you to make a change in your life. Prayer is time to communicate with God. There are many forms of Prayer: Meditation, Confession, Intercession, Silence, and many others. If you want more help in developing this habit of Personal Devotion, pleasce contact the church office 614.837-3732  and we will guide you as you seek to grow in your faith with Jesus. Below you will find some great devotionals that we suggest you might try to build this practice into your life. Take 10 or 15 minutes and spend a little time with God each day!


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