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Jesus calls us to be baptized. It is part of our Christian journey and an expression of our faith in Christ. So if you have never been baptized or you are considering being baptized or if you are interested in having one of your children baptized, then you can call the church office 614.832.3732 or fill out the following form: Baptism Form Below you will find a few questions and answers that may help you understand Baptism better.
What is Baptism? Read more
What are sprinkling, pouring and immersion? Read more
Do I have to be baptized in order to be saved? Read more
May I be baptized again? Read more
Do we accept the baptism of others churches? Read more
Can I request a private baptism? Read more
When can I be baptized and how do I request it? Read more
Infant Baptism Read more
What is the difference between infant and believer’s baptism? Read more
Can I have my infant dedicated instead of baptized? Read more

If you have any questions about Baptism please contact me:

Val Grace Engell

Worship Assistant

Phone: 614.837.3732 x  113