There are many ways one can serve on a mission team.  There are no age requirements for some options, you don’t have to have an abundance of money, and going to a mission field is not always necessary.  Let’s look at the options:

  1. Prayer – This is the number one need for all mission teams and those they serve.  Prayer is needed for the team to hear God and to do his will, to connect with those they serve in a way that glorifies God, and for their safety and health while on the mission trip.  Prayer is needed for those being served to have an open and willing heart to accept the services and the message of God from the mission team, and for their physical, health and circumstantial conditions in which they are living.
  2. Financial Support – Money is a vital part of any mission trip.  Supporting a mission team with our finances makes us an important part of the mission team.
  3. Donations – A variety of supplies is also needed in many of the mission team destinations.  Donating these goods is another way in which we become a much needed part of the team.
  4. Time – Getting a mission trip organized and the team prepared is a very time consuming project.  Much paperwork is needed and many phone calls made.  Without this being done, a mission trip would not be accomplished.  This is yet another way to become part of the team.
  5. Go/Serve – Be part of the on-site mission team.  Go to the destination of the mission and serve those in need.  (Must meet age requirements)

Just as a body is made up of different parts, so is a mission team.  Some are able to give their time while others are able to give their finances; some serve with their prayers while others serve those in need.

Mission Trips


Cuba Para Christo!

Our next mission trip to Cuba will be March 22-29, 2014. We cannot wait to get back to Cuba and see our brothers and sisters at the Prince of Peace Methodist Church in the town of Julio Reyes.

During this upcoming trip we will be focusing on deepening and strengthening our relationship with our sister church. We will be working on a construction project at the church as well as planning activities with both the adults and the children. There will be opportunities to learn about and support our upcoming trip– look for more information in early 2014!



Sonya and friend at Camp JakeOur first group mission trip to Haiti was November 2nd- November 9th, 2013. Seven members of our church family spent time constructing a Secondary school in the town of Duplan.  They were also able to spend time with, and provide dinner for the children of St. Vincent’s orphanage in Port-au-Prince. It is our hope that we will be able to provide ongoing support to both the town of Duplan, and St. Vincent’s orphanage. More info to come!

Prayers are always needed for our international missions here at Peace: for the church body, the missionaries who serve, and those who live in the areas we visit. If you have any other questions about these, or other international missions opportunities, please contact Andrea McDonough.