On January 1, 2013 our church adopted a new administrative structure outlined below.  All members of the new Leadership Board filled out an application and were interviewed before they were elected to the Board. The new Board will help us to more effectively make disciples for Jesus Christ.

Leadership Board

The Leadership Board is the official governing body for PEACE Church. The Leadership Board holds the Senior Pastor and Director Level staff accountable to the mission and vision of PEACE Church. The Leadership Board is accountable to the Capital Area South District and the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. The Leadership Board incorporates all major United Methodist committees of Administrative Board, Nominations, Finance, Trustees and Staff Parish into subcommittees within the Board. The Board consists of 9 lay members of PEACE Church and the Senior Pastor and 2 other Director Level staff for a total of 12 Board members. The Board carries out 5 major roles:

  1. Assist in clarifying God’s vision and overall course for PEACE Church: The Leadership Board in conjunction with the Senior Pastor convey God’s vision for PEACE Church and see to it that the mission is lived out in the ministry of PEACE.
  2. Serve as role models. The Board serves as role models of what it means to be admirable members of PEACE church by living out the core beliefs, principles and practices that the staff is working to build into the church.
  3. Create task forces or sub committees: The Leadership Board may create ad hoc groups consisting of members of the Leadership Board and/or qualified people of the church as needed for the execution of special projects.
  4. Actively grow in leadership skills: The Leadership Board will actively pursue and participate in continuing learning opportunities that relate to the mission of the church.
  5. Approve policy: The Board authorizes various ministry issues including by not limited to:

- Annual Budget: The Board approves the annual budget which is prepared by the staff each year.

- Director Level Hiring decisions: The Board is involved in hiring/firing decisions of director level staff positions.

- Trustees functions: all land acquisition, facility construction, major renovation, significant legal obligation, and decisions that affect the congregation as a whole.

- New Leadership Board Members: The Board does an annual evaluation and review of its members and makes decisions regarding new members.

It is a pleasure for us to serve alongside all those connected to PEACE church. We look forward to fulfilling the mission of “Transforming People into Fully Submitted Followers of Christ” and our vision of “Winning our Communities for Christ.”

PEACE Church Leadership Board

Jeff Graber, Chairperson (jtgraber@att.net)

Laura Alton (alltonrn@columbus.rr.com)

Fran Charles (coloborn@yahoo.com)

Brian Landenberger (klandenberger@insight.rr.com)

Bill Lyle, Pastor (billc208@hotmail.com)

Maribeth Mace (mace.maribeth@gmail.com)

Jeff Ross (jeffrosss@wwdb.org)

Jack Whitaker (jbjwhit@aol.com)

Lee Ann Wurster (wurster2@hotmail.com)




PEACE Selection criteria Church Board

PEACE Candidate application

PEACE Leadership Board Diagram